Trending comics // Gala in English

Trending comics // Gala in English

dimanche 03 décembre 2017


Auditorium Stravinski, 2m2c, Montreux

Presented by Paul Taylor

With Ali Al Sayed (UAE), Ahir Shah (UK), Schalk Bezuidenhout (South Africa), Francesco De Carlo (Italy), Ari Eldjárn (Islande), PK (South Korea), Yoann Provenzano (Switzerland) and Aisha Alfa (Canada/Nigeria)!

We are back with another lineup of the hottest comedians from all over the world in a moment of comedy, beer and good times. Guaranteed! Tour the world through laughter in a night that will bring to the stage comics that are killing internationally. Artists that are so multicultural they’re from everywhere and nowhere, are flying to Montreux exclusively for this show.

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Les artistes


Aisha Alfa

Francesco De Carlo

Ari Eldjárn

Ahir Shah

Paul Taylor

Schalk Bezuidenhout

Al Sayed Ali

Yoann Provenzano